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sanne-och-robin-jpgHi everyone! Welcome to the archive page for our liveblogs. You can find links to each Saturday’s translation of the Melodifestivalen heats, as well as our Eurovision Song Contest Liveblogs.

Just follow the link to the heat of your choice.

Melodfestivalen Liveblogs:

  • Heat 1 is here. Heat 2 is here. Heat 3 is here. Heat 4 is here.
  • The second chance round (‘Andra chansen’) is here.
  • The Grand Final liveblog is here.

Eurovision Song Contest 2015 liveblogs:

  • Heat 1 is here.
  • Heat 2 is here.
  • The Grand Final liveblog is here.

If you’re using your computer to watch the show, then we recommend having us open as a separate window or maybe reading our liveblog on your tablet or smartphone while you watch.

Once the show has finished, you’ll be able to read through the liveblogs here on our archive page for as long as you like (although you’ll no longer be able to make any comments).

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