Charlotte Perrelli defends the schlager divas

We have the full English translation of Charlotte Perrelli’s hilarious tribute to schlager divas with her version of Atemlos durch die Nacht

In case you missed it, there was a wonderful sketch in this Saturday’s Melodifestivalen where Charlotte Perrelli sang a Swedish version of Helene Fischer’s German schlager superhit Atemlos durch die Nacht with a reworked text which paid a somewhat melancholy (but very on point) tribute to the schlager diva era of the competition, which seems to have all but come to an end.

The song was introduced by a mock documentary urging us to save schlager divas by giving them some extra attention.

The video is here and just below it you’ll find the full script. Enjoy!

Reporter’s voice-over:

At one time they ruled music, but since younger talent has taken an ever greater part of the stage they’ve been forced out to secondary hunting grounds such as shopping centres, weddings and the like. And now, schlager divas are an endangered species threatened with extinction.

Schlagerdivas live on attention. WIthout attention the species could die out in the future. Is that a future that you want to leave to our children? We’ve met a schlager diva who asked to remain anonymous:

“I rang SVT’s switchboard and they said “Vem är du? Vem är jag?” And then I got to speak to that Christer Björkman, who said that people don’t want to hear these schlagerdivas any more, people want to listen to these young whippersnappers such as Anton Ewald or Unno Svenningson. But what about us?”

So this is how it looks for schlager divas in 2016. Support the organisation “Save schlager divas” by donating the attention you can spare. One like can keep a schlager diva alive for over a week. Go onto a schlager diva’s instagram today and write “You ought to be involved in things which are so much better”. Tomorrow it could be too late.

Song starts:

The times have changed, nothing is the same,
To win the Melodifestivalen you need to change tactics,
Oh, oh,
Before as soon as we took part we always went to the final,
Now the schlager divas are a second hand choice,
oh, oh,
Something has happened,
Something new,
The fans have fled to pop
I am still there – for you,
Ready to give more…

Here I stand alone still here
And defend what went before
Here I stand, the Queen,
Eric Saade can go home
Here I am, at your service
Now the winds have changed
Here I am, see and learn,
The saviour of schlager is here
I want to have confetti, I want to have corsets,
I want to feel the wind machine in my hair
I want to have sequins, I want to have stilettos,
Now it will be the schlager diva’s year.

At the start of the second verse I look at the camera like this
Maybe go from black and white suddenly into colour
Oh, oh,
Surround myself with dancers who match me well,
But make sure that none of them steal the focus,
oh, oh,
The bridge builds up, again
Towards an infectious refrain,
It’s going to stick in your head tomorrow,
The schlager diva’s song:

Here I stand alone still here,
And defend what went before,
Here I stand, the Queen
pop’s guys can go home.
When you’ve got tired of playing, when you’ve had enough,
when you’ve had your fill of hip and young,
When you’ve realised what the only right thing is,
Then I’ll be here for you, rest assured,

Here I stand…
Schlager’s saviour is here.
Here I stand alone still here,
and defend what went before,
Here I stand, the Queen,
So that schlager finds its home
Soon it’ll be the finale, get yourselves ready,
Everything will finish big and grandiose,
First will come the fire, then we’ll have the fireworks,
Then we’ll have the schlager diva’s pose.

Here I stand!


My first Eurovision memory is watching the nervous Doireann Ní Bhriain present the 1981 contest from Dublin where of course Bucks Fizz won. So yes, I'm no spring chicken.

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