Could Belgium win the Eurovision Song Contest 2015?

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Belgium’s entry into the final round at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 has come as a surprise, to some.

But clearly, Belgium and Loic Nottet stood out in Tuesday’s semi final. For a country that has struggled for Eurovision points since the introduction of the semi finals in 2004 this week has been a big achievement.

Our UkinEurovision team had previously discussed 18-year-old Loic Nottet. We found it difficult to connect with his song “Rhythm inside” and his music video did not contribute to us changing our mind.

When Loic Nottet performed on stage however we did discover that there is more to him than his music video.

So, has Belgium moved from being the secret underdog of the Eurovision Song contest to being a star?

During our live blog for the first semi final round, Daniel, Sólrún and I had discussed Belgium’s entry.

Elaine Stroh
How about Belgium – Loic Nottet with Rhythm Inside? :-)

Yes, I personally can’t stand the Belgian entry but it has a definite buzz around it.
Greece, Estonia, Belgium, have got people talking…
rrrrap – pap – pap…Belgium much better now than the preview video.

Elaine Stroh
okay this stage performance is better than his video, I must say.

Go Belgium! #BEL

There’s a buzz on Twitter about Belgium, it seems… could they be the dark horse of the night?

Comment From Sólrún Ásta
Yes, Belgium is surely a top 10!

Belgium must be a strong contender…

Comment From Sólrún Ásta
Most tweeted about in Iceland are Belgium, Finland, Serbia and… one more.. don’t remember
Yes, of course Belgium is on, they are going far.

Loic Nottet’s “Rhythm inside” not only pushed Belgium to the final but has been dominating music stores too.

So, we we must say: Congratulations, Belgium and Loic Nottet. We underestimated you.
After the semi final some of us may have changed our mind about you.

Now tell us, will you be winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2015?


A fun and happy individual who has just recently discovered her love for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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