The Perfect Eurovision Party Pointers with Kate Samuelson


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From the leafy depths of Hampstead, today’s post is brought to you by one fiery redhead journalist with some deep love for the Eurovision Song Contest, the very lovely Kate Samuelson.

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Kate is hosting her second ever Eurovision Song Contest party on the evening of the 23rd of May and is here to share the crucial tips for organising a rendez-vous to remember.


Passion for Fashion


  • Hello ladies and gentleman. First thing’s first. Aside from the hypnotic harmonies which fill your evening, it is also absolutely crucial that you dress to impress. I’m talking colour, I’m talking national flags incorporated onto your attire, I’m talking fun, foxy, freestyle, flamboyant and fabulous. REMEMBER: Flambo is fab, formal is drab. Dress to have fun and fun will be had.


Also if anyone turns up in full Lordi regalia you know you’re gonna have a good night.


Drinks…sharing is caring


Alcohol is pretty likely to play a starring role in your evening. Remember just a few things and your boozing will all be for the best.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 14.01.30

PACE YOURSELF! You’re watching Eurovision, which means you are in for the long haul. No one likes to peak or crash too early – slow and steady wins the race every time.

Also, try your level best to provide some beverages from across the continent: Advocaat for Holland, Smirnoff for Russia…you get my drift. CRUCIAL: Try to vomit-proof and make-up proof your stainable goods. Sick smears ain’t a good look.


Munchies for the Masses

What goes well with drink? Oh yeh! Food! Be the diplomat you always dreamed of and serve up some delicacies from across the continent. Crack out the Smorgasbord (a sensational word, amIright?), take out the tapas and serve up the snails. Also, let’s be honest the Eurovision Song Contest is cheesier than a Roman toga party – so free the fromage and let’s get this party started.




Seating Arrangements

Window seat or aisle? We all know where you’re sitting can have a big impact on your level of enjoyment. The best way to please everybody? Provide a plethora of seating options. I’m talking beanbags, chairs, sofas, chaise longues and don’t forget your poufs.

It’s like they always say in the movies, ‘There ain’t no party like a good-seating-arrangement party.’


Voting = Vibes

Finally, to fully enjoy the festivities it is vital that you vote. No one likes an armchair commentator – wield your democratic right, pick up the phone, and make your voice heard. Australia were awesome? Let the people know! Sweden was sublime? Tell the world! Seriously, for the most authentic Eurovision vibe, don’t forget to vote.

And above all, please, please, goodness gracious, please don’t forget, to drink up! Are you Dutch? Are you Swedish? No, you’re Finnish. Finnish, finish, finish. …




DON’T FORGET: you can catch our liveblogs during the semi final tonight and at the big show itself on Saturday. See you there!

Tom Brada

A recent convert to the Eurovision cause, I'm now a committed believer - from the pointed voting politics to the flamboyant fanfare of the performers themselves, what's not to love?

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