Twitter outrage as Finland misses out on final place

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As reported in our Liveblog, last night’s first round semi-final in Vienna was filled with talking points. Conchita Wurst opened the proceedings and after, sixteen entries were whittled down to ten as dreams came true for some but dashed for others. Serbian Bojana Stamenov impressed with her song Beauty Never Lies in which she swooned it “is different and it’s OK ” whilst Georgia’s entry, Warrior, by Nina Sublatti sounded like a potential chart topper. And Russia were not booed!

Yet what caused the biggest storm on Twitter was the elimination of Finland’s entry. It’s clear Finland like to do things differently, in 2006 they sent Lordi (remember them?), a metal band dressed as monsters and won the competition in Greece setting a record breaking high score in the process, they must have been hot in all that gear! This year Finland perhaps went to a different extreme sending Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat a punk band whose members all have ‘development disabilities’. Kurikka, the front-man and guitarist, has cerebral palsy. Kari Aalto, the singer, is autistic. Sami Helle, the bassist, and Toni Välitalo, the drummer, both have Down’s syndrome.

The band draws inspirations from the diary that Kurikka maintains and the lyrics focus on the frustrations of his daily life, brought on by his disability. Their song, Aina Mun Pitää or I Always Have to, was the shortest of the contest coming in at just over one minute long but caused a stir well into the night on Twitter and into the following day. Before the results came in some of the audience seemed hopeful they would have enough to go through…

However when it became apparent Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat were not going through spleens were vented with many apparently shocked at the treatment of the European public towards the group.  

Despite the protests it seems Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat are just to punk for the Eurovision Song Contest. If you cannot speak Finnish you can check the lyrics to the song below, it is one we can all relate to.

I always have to clean up
I always have to wash up
I always have to see the doc
I always have to go to work

Can’t go to my PC
Can’t watch my TV
Can’t even see my mates

I always have to stay at home
I always have to do things
I always have to eat properly
I always have to drink properly

So no candy for me
No soft drinks for me
Not even alcohol

I always have to rest
I always have to sleep
I always have to wake up
I always have to take a shower

I was a Eurovision skeptic but now I am fully fledged fan. I am learning more about the competition everyday and I am amazed at how stats about the contest, that once seemed impossible to remember, are now at my fingertips.

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