What you made of Måns at Melodifestivalen

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Can Sweden do it again? In the run-up to Eurovision there’s (once again) a buzz around Sweden’s entry “Heroes” by Måns Zelmerlöw. You can see the entry below.

But what do UKinEurovision.com visitors make of his chances? We thought’d we’d look back at your reactions to him in the liveblogs we held on the site during Melodifestivalen

Firstly, let’s take a look at who was most popular in our weekly liveblog polls. As you’ll remember, the Swedish national final Melodifestivalen has four weekly heats, and in each of these we held polls during the liveblog to see who was the most popular entrant out of the last five participants amongst our users.

The most popular each week were:

Week one: Behrang Miri feat. Victor Krone 60% (admittedly with a small sample size owing to technical difficulties in our first week).

Week two: Magnus Carlsson 50%

Week three: Jon-Henrik Fjällgren 42%

Week four: Måns Zelmerlöw 75%

So Måns was clearly the stand-out favourite of his heat in week four. Interestingly this vote dropped to a mere 25% when Måns competed in the final, losing out to Eric Saade who won our poll with 50%.

So what did you say about Måns? Here are a selection of your comments:

The Weekend Icelandic visitors: “At last… Mans!!!! Yeahhhhhhh”

Armand Deluxe: “this is no Cara Mia” [a reference to Måns other very popular song from Melodifestivalen 2007]

Armand Deluxe: “this better be good”

The Weekend Icelandic visitors: “Final!!!!!”

Armand Deluxe: “but will probably win the whole thing”

Beth: “It’s amazing”

TG: “Can’t quite decide if I like it or not”

Bxl: “Every single box ticked. 12 points de Bxl.”

Armand Deluxe: “This is too complicated to be a grower – won’t do well on the night.”

Martin: “I prefer Sting [Eric Saade’s competing entry] still. But I will love “Heroes”

Jakob – LA: “Not supporting him after the homophobic remarks. He’s said that homosexuality is not right or correct, whatever that means. Shocking to hear from a swede. If only the Swedish public knew this, he wouldn’t stand a chance”

This last remark refers to a controversy surrounding Måns Zelmerlöw’s comments made on a Swedish celebrity dining show, where he commented (in Swedish) that homosexuality was an “avvikelse” (a deviation from the norm) although quickly went on to say that there was nothing wrong with it. The comments have been picked over at length (and the controversy defused) here, and it’s safe to say that the general consensus is that while Måns’s remarks were perhaps clumsily phrased, he’s not homophobic.

As our liveblog user TG put it:
“Given his twin target audiences he’d be a fool to ever express anything genuinely homophobic lol”
We’re inclined to agree.
If you want to find out more about what UKinEurovision.com users thought about this year’s hotly tipped Swedish entry, just check out our liveblog for Melodifestivalen heat four here.






My first Eurovision memory is watching the nervous Doireann Ní Bhriain present the 1981 contest from Dublin where of course Bucks Fizz won. So yes, I'm no spring chicken.

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