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As the 2015 competition in Vienna looms every closer on the horizon, we at UKinEurovision thought it would be interesting to gauge public interest in some of the key issues facing the contest.

With 52 respondents, the survey has revealed some quirky insights into the mind of a Eurovision fan. Some of the key findings of this ground breaking research are as follows:


The good news is that the Eurovision song contest trounced both The Voice and the nation’s favourite pastime of singing in the bath, in terms of popularity. A clean sweep you might say…

singing in bath

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Interestingly, results of the survey show that fans are equally interested in the complex political goings on which underscore the voting system, as they are in the standard of the tunes being belted out on the night. Harmonious and hintellectual. Interesting.


In yet more controversial findings, Graham Norton has emerged as the clear winner in terms of people’s favourite dinner guest. Pre-survey favourite, Terry Wogan, has fallen by the wayside (ageism I hear you cry?) as both Conchita and Grand old Graham surged ahead. Bill for Terry, please!

graham norton

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Thankfully, the prospect of winning the Eurovision contest surged ahead of the alternative options, as becoming deputy prime minister or winning a decade’s worth of bathroom goodies paled in comparison to the glory of Eurovision gold.

nil points

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And finally, the survey has demonstrated quite categorically, that the UK is nobody’s favourite to take home the prize this year. Sweden stands a chance, Macedonia is a maybe, but the UK, according to all of you lot out there, don’t stand a diddly squat’s chance.


Thank you to all those who participated in the survey and long live Eurovision.




Tom Brada

A recent convert to the Eurovision cause, I'm now a committed believer - from the pointed voting politics to the flamboyant fanfare of the performers themselves, what's not to love?

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