Interview with Eurovision fansite Editor, Frederic Tonton

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As the 2015 competition looms ever larger on the horizon and excitement continues to build, I spoke to lifelong Eurovision enthusiast and Media Production student Frederic Tonton. Frederic oversees the website, dedicated to providing commentary and insight into the one and only Eurovision Song Contest. I wanted to find out how he how he came to create the website.


‘I originally created Justanotherlight with the aim of pushing people without a voice to the front; the kind of people who maybe don’t have easy access to speak to the public but are no less deserving of being heard than anyone else.’ Frederic tells me. ‘It initially was to be about anything and everything really, but then I started to focus more on Eurovision.’

Frederic’s interest in Eurovision emerged at a young age, as he tells me how he ‘started watching the contest at the age of 8 when it was held in Birmingham.’ His appreciation of the competition has grown year on year and directing the website towards his passion seemed a natural step. However, Frederic has not met every development within the show with unfaltering enthusiasm.

The most headline-grabbing feature of this year’s competition has been the decision to include an Australian performer in the line-up, and while some have welcomed their presence with open arms, Frederic is apprehensive about their inclusion. ‘I don’t really like the idea of Australia joining, because it undermines the original format of the show.

eurovision australia

You actually can compare the show to a human being – people change through the experiences of their life and this in the contest would correspond to the rules changes occurring in the past about languages, ages, voting system.

But for me you can’t change the DNA of a person only by snapping fingers and I believe that’s what’s happening with Australia being invited to compete now.’

In spite of his concern Frederic remains a die-hard fan of the show and is already making plans for the finals come May 19th in Vienna. ‘I am obviously watching the show; I’m just not entirely sure who I am going to watch the contest with this year. A friend in Germany has invited me for the whole week but I don’t know yet whether I will be able to go.’

eurovision t shit

No matter where Frederic will be watching the show from, his website and its contributors will continue to bring its readers the latest commentary and news about the world’s premier singing competition.




Tom Brada

A recent convert to the Eurovision cause, I'm now a committed believer - from the pointed voting politics to the flamboyant fanfare of the performers themselves, what's not to love?

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