‘Get the Data’ on the Eurovision 2015 Selection-Statistics

Lets get a little geeky with some stats! Ive put together some figures & ratios of the various acts we’ve had so far.

As I was  reviewing the song entries for 2015, I couldn’t help but feel like there are too many ballads. So I took the liberty to do the math and I found out that the ratio of ballads to uptempo songs is actually quite short. It also feels like we have too many duos this year when we actually, we have more female solo acts.

Here is a tally between the number of Ballads to the number of uptempo songs:



It is indeed a fact that there are more ballads than uptempo songs this year however ballads only dominate by 5% which equals four songs. After the success of Conchita Wurst who won with her ballad “Rise Like a Phoenix” it is quite natural for broadcasters and the viewers at home to choose a song that is of a similar make up.




The same goes for the type of acts that get selected. Last year, Netherlands The Common Linnets also had success after coming runner up behind Conchita. They also had chart success around Europe with their song “Calm After the Storm” and in most countries, sold more records than Conchita did. This year a few countries have gone for this formula.Lithuania, Belarus, Czech Republic, San Marino, Estonia, Norway and the United Kingdom* have all gone for duo’s this year. We do indeed have more duets than bands^ but only by one meaning the majority of songs are by solo artists.




Of the solo artists, it is the females that are dominant this year with a huge 67%. There are only nine male solo acts this year and these include Belgium, Sweden and Israel which are popular with the majority of ESC fans this year. Could a male solo winner start a trend next year with a male heavy contest?





A whopping 85% of this years songs are in the English Language with only 6 countries releasing songs in their native language, Spain, Italy, France and Portugal are of course among these as they choose to sing in their native tongue the majority of the time.Montenegro, and Finland have also chosen to sing in their national language. Countries such as Serbia, Romania and FYR Macedonia won their national selections singing their native language but have changed their minds in order to sing in English.




National Selections were the popular process of selection this year but internal selections were also more popular than usual. In the cases of Nudav Gudjev and Il Volo (Israel andItaly) the singers were selected by the public and in Nudav’s case, his song was internally selected.
So that is the Eurovision 2015 Selection in statistics!

Sharon Machira

New to Europe and to Eurovison, but have embraced both fully!

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