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In the 60-year history of the world’s premier tra-la-la-laaaaing tournament, the Eurovision Song Contest and its participants have broken record after record, year on year. We take a quick look at some of the remarkable achievements and need-to-know impressive facts about the world’s favourite singing showdown.


1) The Numbers Don’t Lie

  • Every year an estimated amount of some 180 million viewers watch the Eurovision Song Contest. That’s around the same as 180 times the population of Fiji or in other words the same as Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria. Whichever way you look at it, we’re talking about some SERIOUS popularity right here.


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2) A Legend Was Born

  • Swedish supergroup ABBA are the most successful Eurovision Song Contest winner. After winning the 1974 contest with their wonderful warble, Waterloo, the band has enjoyed phenomenal and sustained success, selling 380 million albums worldwide and seeing Waterloo crowned as the Best Eurovision Song Ever at the competition’s 50th


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3) Record-breaking Ralph

  • German songwriter and composer Ralph Siegel has taken part in the competition an unbelievable 21 times. His most recent appearance came in 2014 when he helped Germany gain their first qualification to the Grand Final. He also won the 1982 contest with Ein bißchen Frieden – yet again creating another little peace of history! Ho ho ho….


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4) Parlez-Vous English?

  • Most of the competition’s winning songs have been performed in English – songs (mostly) sung in English have won 26 times. French is also more than un peu popular, with 14 victories claimed in fabulous francophilic tones. Dutch and Hebrew songs have also won 3 times each. Curious.


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5) All or Nothing Norway

  • Norway has an unorthodox relationship with our cherished competition. It can proudly lay claim to the highest ever points total, when Alexander Rybak stormed to victory in 2009 with a thunderous 387 points. However, the Norwegians are not lathered in glory alone. Four flipping times they’ve received nul points and have come bottom of the pile an impressive 11 times in total. Do not adjust your set, I did say 11. No way Norway, pull your finger out.


Tom Brada

A recent convert to the Eurovision cause, I'm now a committed believer - from the pointed voting politics to the flamboyant fanfare of the performers themselves, what's not to love?

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