Highlights of Eurovision 2015 – My Top 20 acts so far

Here is a curation of the highlights of my favorite songs in the 2015 Eurovision contest… thus far!

Its arranged in ascending order- from my least favorite to my top favorite.

It was a tough decision to make between Latvia and  Serbia, but Ultimately Latvia has been the most exciting for me. Aminata’s rendition of ‘Love Injected’ blew me away.

I believe she deserves the top spot!

6 Things to Know about Aminata: 

1. Aminata (21yrs Old) was born of  Latvian mother of Latvian and Russian descent, and a father from Burkina Faso. She has a strong and unique voice, which is a blend of three different singing traditions – African, Russian and European  (My favorite thing about her)

2. She composes her own music and sings it.

3. She plays the flute and always wanted to become a singer, and only a singer.

4. Before going on the stage she likes to concentrate and doesn’t usually speak with anybody.

5. She likes to listen to music (especially ethnical music), which makes her get on the needed wave.

6. She usually hides in some empty dark corner, so nobody can disturb her. But after the performance she is very friendly and talkative




Sharon Machira

New to Europe and to Eurovison, but have embraced both fully!

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