UK Eurovision Timeline

Photo credit: Paul Townsend

The Guardian ran with the headline “We won’t win so we haven’t really bothered” for their piece on the the UK’s 2015 Eurovision entry. Indeed it seems unlikely that Still in Love with You by Electro Velvet is going to win the competition in Vienna yet there was a time when Britain used to take the contest somewhat seriously.  During the 50s, 60s and 70s we used to send our finest musical talents including the likes of Cliff Richard, Lulu and Sandie Shaw. I’m not so sure Sir Cliff or Engelbert Humperdinck would approve of many of the acts we have sent to the slaughter on the continent in the past two decades however the last thing in Pandora’s box was hope. It is easy to forget we last won the competition only back in 1997 with Katrina and the Waves’ catchy tune Shine a Light winning in a landslide record-breaking victory.

To provide more hope here is a timeline of the UK’s highlights in the Eurovision, get ready for some nostalgia. Maybe one day Electro Velvet will be featuring on timelines such as this, for the right reasons of course.



I was a Eurovision skeptic but now I am fully fledged fan. I am learning more about the competition everyday and I am amazed at how stats about the contest, that once seemed impossible to remember, are now at my fingertips.

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