Why you should watch Melodifestivalen on Saturday night A.K.A Shameless promotion of our UKinEurovision Liveblog

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We’re back baby. We’re bloody back.

Saturday night. Where are you? Where? Never heard of it. But I damn well sure know where I’m gonna be…

Music? Check. Miniskirts? Check. Mic? Check. Czech people? None. Well maybe one or two, (I’m half-czech I’ll have you know!).

Ladies and gentleman and mum and dad. On Saturday night Sweden brings you a televisual spectacle of the highest order. The Olympics I hear you say? God no! The World Cup Final you ask with baited breath? Please DO behave! The second semi-final of Melodifestivalen, the most popular TV show in Sweden and the sexiest show this side of the South China Sea? Yes, my sweet lord, oh yes inbloomingdeed.

The artists from the second heat of Melodifestivalen. Photo: Janne Danielsson/SVT

The artists from the second heat of Melodifestivalen. Photo: Janne Danielsson/SVT

This valentine’s day, whether you find yourself on your awesome ownsome or with your lucky/long-suffering significant other, make sure to curl up on your couch, pop a bottle of mid-to-lower price vino and settle down for a fabulous night of music, melodrama and majestically watchable telly.

Join us at UKinEurovision.com for our London-based liveblog and all the lowdown from the show… fabulous fashion flops, harmonious high notes and vicious voting patterns. Our team of Eurovision-philes will bring you all this and more, translating everything that gets said and sung from Swedish into English, on a night we’re all sure to remember.


6.45  onwards on Saturday

Be there or be square.

With all our love, the UKinEurovision team.

Tom Brada

A recent convert to the Eurovision cause, I'm now a committed believer - from the pointed voting politics to the flamboyant fanfare of the performers themselves, what's not to love?

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