UK voting in second Eurovision semi-final which contains Ireland, Malta, Sweden and Poland

secondsemivotingUK viewers of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest semi finals will be able to vote on Thursday to decide which songs go to Saturday night’s grand final. This means that amongst the entries UK viewers will be able to vote for will be traditionally popular choices such as Ireland, Malta and Sweden. Fans of Polish music as well as the large Polish community living in the UK will also be pleased to see Poland amongst the runners in the second semi-final.

In Vienna today, the EBU and ORF, the Austrian national broadcaster drew lots to decide which countries will be performing in which of the two Eurovision semi finals on the Tuesday 19 May and Thursday 21 May preceding Saturday’s grand final on 23 May.

As UK fans will know, the BBC’s selected artist doesn’t have to worry about qualifying as the UK is one of the “big 6″ countries (alongside France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the organisers Austria) who will go straight to Saturday’s grand final.

We do, however, get the right to vote in one of the semi-finals, and this year it will be the second semi which will be broadcast on Thursday night from 8pm UK time on BBC3.

The countries competing in the second semifinal are:

Czech Republic, Ireland, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Iceland, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Sweden.


My first Eurovision memory is watching the nervous Doireann NĂ­ Bhriain present the 1981 contest from Dublin where of course Bucks Fizz won. So yes, I'm no spring chicken.

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